2014 Story, “American Studies,” Callaloo, Fall 2014

2014 Story, “The Stain,” Riding Light Review , Summer 2014

2014 Poem, “N’Djamena, 1979,” Scapegoat Review, Spring 2014

2014 Story, “The Architect,” Menacing Hedge, Spring 2014

2014 Essay, “The Slaughter,” Outside in Literary and Travel Magazine, Spring 2014

2013 Story, “The Quarry,” The Journal of Microliterature, Fall 2013

2013 Essay, “Somewhere, Utah,” Ghost Town, Fall 2013, p. 171-178

2013 Story, “This Rifle,” High Desert Journal, Summer 2013

2013 Story, “Learning to Swim,” Sierra Nevada Review, Spring 2012, p. 75

2012 Story, “Permian Flats,” Shenandoah, Fall 2012

2012 Contributor, “The Sandwich Workshop,” minnesota review, Summer 2012

2012 Story, “The Weight of Bone,” Bellevue Literary Review, Spring 2012, p. 92-102

2011 Contributor, “The Olin and Preston Institute,” New River Journal, Fall 2011


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